Remembering My Lost Friend

We have been best friends since our school days. My friend and I have almost the similar likings and like to share things about everything. We have been exchanging every secret that we have till now. But now, I suppose that I was totally wrong, when one day she seemed suddenly a stranger to me. It was during the last five years that we have been living in separate places and had been in contact with each other only through cell phones. We both have been busy in our own life. I, with my parents have moved to different city and was busy adjusting with the new surroundings and...

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When a Web Site Closes Down

There are a lot of hopes and dreams tied up with opening a web site. When it falls over, for whatever reason, you cannot help but reflect on its passing, the loss of its life, its soul flowing unknown and unloved...

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Is it really immoral to use animals for scientific research????

Before writing my thoughts I want to aver here that " I love animals" !!! Do not take my stand on this topic in any...

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Banjaxed In The Bathroom

Then the reverie begins, the silky siren call of the set square juxtaposed to the tenon saw's tantalising teeth, the luscious lump hammer loaded with speed and moment, the wile and guile of whitewash sensuously stroked upon sullied walls, the supplicant's very consciousness overcome by thoughts of rigorous renovation relieved by seductive sensuous sanding and a perfectly smooth paint job, the task is completed. With the fruit of his labour resplendent and in full public view, friends and family gather to utter acknowledgment, appreciation, admiration and adoration for mans mastery over his subject and domestic domain, entirely deserved....

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It burns It stays It never goes away It beats It thrusts It thrives on us It dances It sings What joy can't it bring? It warms It soothes It provides space to move Your love is just like fire It lights up life Illimunating the dark night Putting out all our fights For my love, your love, our love is just like fire And true love conquers all Copyright © 2010 Hope Anonymous My poetry website: Please...

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