Rainbow in the dark

that one person that just makes you wanna break something.. that person that makes you tense when they walk in the room. Nothing in common, nothing to talk about..just that person that you have no reason to be around but they always show up. Well, i'm beyond all that sissy shit. When this person walks into the room it makes me seriously sick to my stomach. I just wanna fucking punch the bitch. FUCK...

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One absurdity

Life is full of insanity, and with all its absurdities one might think life as a folly, in which humans become comedic actors or clowns, in which our philosophy's mean absolutely nothing. As with existentialism therapy : finding hope and meaning in the world, when in all reality none exist. We give 40 hrs of work a week, and end up poor, they take our social security money as if its theirs to take, to pay other Bills....... (lock-box) So in turn life...

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Money and shower

The shower monster.she is in the shower, and making really weird noises. I wish i could just leave!!! Why did i have to sign that lease with her? i mean, yeah its cool to have someone that will pay the rent, but with her!?! really? i wish i could just kick her to the curb.Everytime i want to have people over she complains. I'm in fucking college and i can't have people over to my house that i pay for..or she will not pay her half of the rent.  Its nonsense. I know she is here for me to better myself. I pretty much suck at life..why am i so lazy that i can't even go out  and get a job. i think it's because i love weed and weed makes me happy.; I don't wanna do anything with my life, but take pictures, travel the world, smoke some pot, and be happy. Why do i have to go to school and all thiis bullshit. I guess, if you wanna make money, you have to spend some. That shit isn't right. A bitch in my class is loaded and is already running her own business at age 19 just because her daddy funded it. Money is such an issue ALL THE TIME. Why do we even need money? it is ridiculous. your lifestyle is based on how much money you have and how driven you are. I'm just a relaxed person. I'm not into doing a bunch of shit to get money...call me lazy but i have a damn good time doing everything i want to do. ah. it feels  good. i think i figured...

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Health Care Deform

The health care debate is one of the most sensitive subjects to write about. For me there are two irrationalities competing...

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I cannot stay long for now. This is partly due in fact that I just got logged in after jumping on-board; and, I have to go put on another pot of coffee. I'll surely be back later, my dear, and...

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