When a Web Site Closes Down

There are a lot of hopes and dreams tied up with opening a web site. When it falls over, for whatever reason, you cannot help but reflect on its passing, the loss of its life, its soul flowing unknown and unloved into the binary sea.

In an effort to mourn and grieve its passing I would like to share this closing post with you.

Web Site Closing Down

Thanks to all of the contributors and readers past and present, after numerous attempts to stimulate interest in the site and its possibilities it is obvious that the interest simply isn’t there.

I wondered why it was ADC were able to indulge in procrastination and delay in providing a consistently, clean, drinkable water supply to the citizens of Mayfield. The answer is the citizens of Mayfield and Ashburton District. They are not sufficiently motivated, unable to organise themselves in a determined way to hold their council to account for their arrogance, obstructionism, profligacy and interminable parade of unwanted expensive visions.

Until Canterbury people start paying close attention to who they are electing and are prepared to act against negligence, incompetence and the little disguised contempt of their council executive officers, then the grotesque parody of democracy you sustain by your own absence from it is to be your burden and that of future Cantabrians.

In the end you get the government you deserve and reluctantly, with the exception of a few bravehearts, I have to say you, the people of Ashburton District, richly deserve Ashburton District Council.

This site will be coming down in about a week.


If you recognise the fate of your own community democracy in these words then you have my sympathies.


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