Sometimes I want to scream I want to be set fee I used to yell So my problems would fall Talking kills me Nobody understands me So I'm trapped mentally And I can never be set free It's sad because I used to dream I used to be a real human being But it's because of them that I am me But in reality, I will never be me The true me, the real me, the believable me Not the authenticy that they always see Copyright © 2010 Hope Anonymous My poetry website: Please...

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State of Mind

Perception-do you see me? I don't think you do It's so easy to fake through everything that you think I want to do Rationalization-does it make sense? No it doesn't You're supposed to be my mother The one who knows me best But I guess when it comes down to it You'll never pass the test Deception-why did you do it? Why do you do it? Why do you mix the truth within the coven of your easily-broken lies? Don't you realize already? I can see through your state of mind Copyright © 2010 Hope Anonymous My poetry website: Please...

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Zen, Cathedral Square and my last day in Christchurch

The world has rotated 240 times on its...

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All About Merewood (And Rain :( )

Wow! The second I get back from Paris, Dad tells us we're moving to our summer home early. You probably don't realize how stressing that is, because you haven't sat in the car for 12 hours while you're going to Merewood. The scenery is usually very pretty, but it was raining all day. My bed sheets smell a little musty, but I'm going to have them washed today probably. I was hoping to go swimming...

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Mothers Day

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