When Is The Right Time For America?

Do you fix supply or do you fix demand? The question comes from an answer to...

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What is truth?

Even when things do not happen...

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2012 Not The End


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wanting to do a lot of things...

I remembered when I was younger, that it was customary in our family to have an afternoon nap. After waking up, having to eat 'merienda cena', then play afterwards. Then I would have to have a spongebath before dinner, while watching the evening news, then sleep. The elders won't even look at the clock, and they would know just by looking at the sky what time is it. Back then, too, the elders were able to know forthright if it's going to rain or not, jz by looking at the sky. But, nnooooo!!!!! not in this day and age you can't! These days when you wake up in the morning, you could hardly have breakfast, cuz for all you know it's already time to have lunch. Times fly so fast that before you could even finish doing one thing, it's already time to do something else. Like today, I woke up 7am, checked my emails, blog a little, prepare the things that need to be brought to the bank, make a list of things to buy at the public market (i do not have to personally go, i jz make the list!), but before i knew it, it's already 12 noon! my talking clock seems to be in a hurry, cuz it seems that t'was jz 12pm and now it's saying, it's 1pm! I do miss the times when i could still have an afternoon nap and have enough time in my hands. I don't know if it's just me, but the world seems goin round faster than it used to. i know that i do have a lot of modern technology and gadgets around me, but the day really just seem to...

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Your smile is worth million Your heart may be in trillion What makes you so unique/ I see you in dreams when not awake You are so dear and near But we have no words from you to hear I always worry for u and fear Let no pain come to you o, dear You stay happy wherever you are You are so near though remain very far You make us cry I don't know why? I wish I had wings to fly? Days are getting on close You may be ready to pose Clad in good suit to tie in nuptials We may all stand to witness your initials I pray God to offer you happy smile You never suffer separation for while You get helping hand when walk for mile Can you preserve your smile not for sake...

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