The Magic of Instant Publishing

Social media, especially print and other distributed materials containing political views and economic strategies, have dwindled exponentially due to the emergence of 'weblogs.'

A weblog or blog has been manipulated as a simpler, contracted journal which have originated way before Web 2.0s popularity. Considering its fame, the Internet and its associates, are considered members of social media in which, info dissemination is scattered in a wide, macro scale.

Mainstream newspapers have raised its concern over the fast-paced travel of blogs - ideology, comments and editorials can now be published in just seconds under categorized volumes.

The main advantage of blogs are its ability to be read instantly. Politicians use blogs to percolate their views or increase their biased reputations - similar results can be achieved through editorials but, it would take a day to let other people know what's on their minds.

Blogs can be either authoritative, entertaining, persuasive or may exist as simple diaries chronicling what has happened on a single day. Journals and essays are the usual favorites among bloggers. 

Newspapers have accomodated online versions of full stories but, the power of blogs may have over-shadowed its late resolve. Electronic media and the Web are working hand-in-hand to eclipse other forms of conventional paradigms in that are sinking into fame's ranks.

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