SAT ESSAY, looking for advise

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 I wrote this one in 25 min.  The theme is   Personal satisfaction or money and fame

Give me some adviseS, so I can improve

We live in a capitalism society: business men can ignore the health of consumers for a higher profit, and girls can sacrifice true love for martial luxury. Has the monetary possession dominated our world? Am I a cynic? NO. I still believe that there are people who consider superficial gain as craps, and seek for the truth of love and happiness, because the history and art work have both taught us the mantel harvest weights much heavier.


Take a look at the father of electromagnetism---Michael Faraday. He was born in a black smith family and led a tough childhood. It is beyond reproach if he longs for money and fame to improve his life quality when he had become one of the scientists who contributes greatly to our civilization. However, during his lifetime, rejected a knighthood and twice refused to become President of the Royal Society, Faraday has proved that, to him, a quiet life with conducting experiments in the lab and searching in the sea of science has higher priority than receiving awe eyes sight of fans. Obviously, when a person set his goal in a bigger thing, in a thing that he really loves, he would not indulge in the physical enjoyment.


Also, if you have watched the movie "click", you would scarcely think a mere high position can bring person happiness. In the movie the main actor, Adam, is a workaholic architect who desperately wants to give a better life to his family. Having frustrated by the conflicts between job and family, he accidentally receives a universal controller from the god. With the magic power of the controller, he can skip the disturbing time and leap to his "happy" moment----when prompting into a higher office. Sounds like a great thing. But the truth is just opposite: he loses his wife and alienates his children because he totally ignores them during the skipping. At the end of movie, that old and pale Adam telling his son "for family" with his last strength has wonderfully pointed out enjoying ecstasy with family is more meaningful than becoming movers and shakers.


The history has witnessed the happy ones are always rich in mental rather than in possession. After all, human is highly developed intellectual creature, and we distinguish ourselves from animals as we are no longer satisfied with mere physical fulfillment which is mainly brought by power and fortune, but we apprehend the meaning of beauty, love and knowledge to reach the self-fulfillment.

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