My Special Someone.

Loving him isn't hard to do
I just never know what to say

 Does he even know who
Who is crushing on him this oh so lonely day
Who is searching but never finding him
Who is longing for his kiss
Who is living in a world so grim
Does he even know he's the one I miss
I wish he knew
I wish he knew all about me
I think now he knows who
I think now he knows who can't wait to see him
Standing there
See his arms wide open; waiting
I wonder what he'll wear
Will he be contemplating
Contemplating on what to say
On what he should show
On what we should do today
On how fast we should go
I can't wait another year
It's going to take so long
I want to see him here
I just hope I don't do something wrong
If I kiss him, how will he respond
If I go too far, will he get mad
I think he has grown quite fond
He reminds me of a man once alone and sad
Who met a girl that brightened his day
She knew how to treat him right
She knew exactly what to say
And she always made sure they would never fight
I hope one day we'll be like them
Happy forever
I think I'm really starting to fall for him
I just hope we will last together...

(Not for anyone in particular, just thought I would write something about having a boyfriend.)

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