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many thoughts come to my head at times,  like where am i going to do in the future? Well keeping in touch with this website should be helpful.  Nothing special going on really I may be moving soon, lost job and feel like i need to go somewhere. I need to work on  a few projects like resume, school, transportation,  purchasing new phone...   need ajob no one will hire me... i need to hurryup and do something,  i need to be extraordinary. can't settle for just a job, need to find a way to make money with the ideas i have. i know that i can be help wherever im at but, thats how it should be.  Music... will be my hobbie. I must be special tho, to many people trying to do what i am. Every artist has a special touch that got them a spot, besides that the crowd is responsible for enjoying.  well, somewere i will be playing music. 

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