A Night of Fun.

He's my pet, now call me Master
I crack my whip and tell him faster

Our fingers rush
Our lips brush
Each touch creating friction
You are mine now I whisper with conviction
I throw him down and get on top
Our movements never stop
He hits the right spot as our thoughts spun
I think we just might...
Come with me
And you will see
What a woman I can truly be
To my place we will flee
You look like my ex
And I don't care, tonight we're having...
Sex on the beach is the best drink
It's better than you could ever think
Throw a few back and the night will pass
Tonight you're getting laid in...
The ass next to me is the guy I'll hook up with
Because them being bad in bed is just a myth
Kinky is what they do best after a few kegs
Tonight I just let him finish between my...
Legs shaky, hearts racing
Our bodies anticipating
Tonight's the night we make love
I just hope he brought the...
Gloves in the winter time, warm and fuzzy
Snuggled up close to the one who loves me
When all is well and all is done

This will be another night of fun
Tonight I don't think I'm out of luck
I think tonight we're going to...

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