Stirring From An Old Life

After unloading Stephanie and her world onto the pavement, we hugged and said our goodbyes with big smiles, and promises to keep in touch. Watching in the rear-view mirror as her figure grew smaller and smaller, then disappear round a corner into Cathedral Square in Christchurch, I had to smile.  She was towing a purple tartan suitcase, wearing a funky polka dot backback, with a pair of fifties retro sunglasses perched on her nose. Her confident stride and endless good humour taking her to 'base'; a young travelers hostel in the heart of the city. Then she was gone, to her future, a little bit of my...

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Punctuation is dissing my gruntle

As I write, attached to each of my nipples is an alligator clip. These clips are connected by wire to a foot operated button switch, thence to twelve volt car battery placed unassumingly next to my PC.  For technical officianados  my left nipple is positive, my right nipple is negative. The reason for my present condition is a tendency to digress from the task at hand at every opportunity when work of some kind simply must be done.  Concentration is my grail in an attempt to combat an attention span rightly compared to...

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Time To Change

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Freewriting: Whatever on my mind

Oh my funny enough. Why do I start writing on powa? To improve my writing skill? To get better mark? To impress someone? Hell no, I don't know myself. Maybe I just satisfied my...

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A Matter of Justice

Lt. Raymond Howards stood still, his body tense, and inwardly he freaked. On trial. A lousy lawyer. And all evidence against him. He hadn't even seen - yet alone met - the person who was about to represent him in court in just 30 minutes. What would a lawyer care; why should he care? Raymond was doomed to a...

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