World Wandering Wobbly Words

I was watching, listening and beaming at a discreet distance; my idle and fascinated curiosity piqued as a small child navigated a well chewed, or possibly gummed, piece of chocolate to its mouth from a remote location on its face.  How the chocolate got to its starting point was a mystery but its progress was remarkable. The trail of gelatinous brown slobber was now describing an arc between chin, ear and eye.  The intensity and determination of this child's valiant mission was revealed by many similar trails of gooey blobbery from previous...

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introtuce myself.

I m very happy when I find that someone had give advice on...

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Watching The Whitewater Rafts Go By

Perched on a rocky outcrop high above the valley below,  looking out on a mountainous scrub landscape bathed in the ebbing warmth of a late autumn sun,  I gave thanks to my understanding of God for this day and the...

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America is not a democracy

The author of...

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