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The health care debate is one of the most sensitive subjects to write about. For me there are two irrationalities competing with each other.

First, you have people saying we need health care reform. Most people say this in one form or another. The irrationalities lie in the fact that those supporting the current health care bill think that those who oppose it are evil. Those who oppose it do so for the wrong reasons and do so knowing it may negatively affect them. 

There are tons of emotions involved. If someone just lost their mother to cancer partly due to the a lack of insurance, family members won't hesitate to point fingers. If a fiscal conservative with money does not want to be taxed to death, they may object to health care. Now you have a conflict.

The thing is, facts are hard to come by. Drug information varies from resource to resource and insurance details are plain confusing.

Most people want healthcare reform. Not everyone wants President Obama's plan. Everyone is confused by the facts. Another opinion relaying the facts will automatically be dismissed as biased. What is a writer to do?