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Solar garden light in the production process, all from the Ming tube, powder, or CPT tubes, its production process is basically the same, they are subject through the glass tube forming, sealing electrode, bombardment to the gas, inert gas filling, sealing and other process exhaust Kong Lao Lian .
Glass tube forming - that is, production staff along the contours of images or text through the special flame will burn straight glass tube, baking, bent pattern or text of the process, high or low levels of production staff present their naked eye see out of the low level of The staff made of rugged corner lamp easy to occur, too thick or too thin, medial fold, not a plane, etc. skew.
Seal-forming electrode - soon after the fire of the lamp electrodes and exhaust vent connected to the process, interface not too thin or too thick, the interface Department is required to completely melt, otherwise easy to slow leak occurs.
Bombardment degassing - the key to make solar garden lights. Bombarded by high-voltage electrodes, the heating lamp burning pipette electrode invisible water vapor, dust, oil and other substances, ranked out of these harmful substances will be pumped into a vacuum glass tube process. Bombardment to the gas temperature reaches less than the above-mentioned hazardous substances In addition to not thorough enough, a direct impact on the quality of the lamp. Bombardment to the gas temperature is too high will cause excessive oxidation of electrodes to the surface oxide layer, causing the lamp quality. Bombardment degassing of the glass tube filled completely into the appropriate inert gas, through sophisticated production process to complete the led light.
[Edit this paragraph] solar garden light Situation and Development of
At present, the solar garden lights on the market was mixed, there business license contracts were awarded to the unit only 30% of the market, these units alone design, manufacture, installation capacity, good reputation, product quality and clearance, post-maintenance in place, is the user's preferred unit of .
The second category, there is no other units affiliated business license, such "unit" is not strong professionalism, product quality no guarantee, post-maintenance not in place.
The third category, shell companies, without any documents, credibility and ability to hit a shot-for-one, the product quality and post-maintenance whatsoever.
solar garden light is a professional industry stronger, formal unit of product quality, long life. It could be the second and third categories disrupt the solar garden light's market, giving users easy to feel bad Led Flashlight. In fact, the life of solar garden light is longer than the fluorescent lights, and for your interest, please select a license and the ability, credibility of the unit.
Almost all the solar garden light manufacturing enterprises before an ordinary glass tube, common electrode, with the increase in demand for products, high-lead glass, ceramic ring electrode, three base toner tubes, solar garden light rainbow gradient direction of being more and more widely in people's lives to make people's lives more exciting and beautiful.