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Oh my funny enough. Why do I start writing on powa? To improve my writing skill? To get better mark? To impress someone? Hell no, I don't know myself. Maybe I just satisfied my impulsive needs.

Well then, what should I write on this entry? About myself? Or about today? I have no idea where to start so I choose feewriting. Write whatever on my mind. Oh, how great this idea is. I don't need to wash out my brain to think of ideas, organizing essays, choosing words like I do at college. My mind is free from worry and peace comes back to  me. How long is it since the last time I felt like this? 

Today is such a tiring day. I only stay at home to study. But I feel like I was going through ONE season. In this small room, without anyone but me, I was lonely. I know that my roomates won't come back until tomorrow. They will be back definitely, but I still feel so sad. I'm alone in this room. No one is with me. I am far away from my hometown and my family. They're not here and I can't see them. My inside suddenly becomes so empty. Is this what they call homesick? 

It's dark already. One more day has gone. Nothing exciting happened. And I only want to sleep. Tomorrow, I will go to my college, study and enjoy life. Well, that's for today writing.