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The world is undergoing a metamorphosis. 'Change' is the new term that has become a part of our everyday lexicon.The increasing wants in today's world of growing consumerism have made us greedy , selfish and most importantly thankless. it was once said that we will never really know what happiness is unless we have been in love and we shall never know what pain is until we lose love. It is extremely difficult to enjoy the small things in life, the little joys because we all are chasing something big.. it is only when we lose all that little we possess that we realize how much it means to us.

The famous popstar Michael Jackson's condition today is a result of his actions. When he had the talent , the physique, the charisma , and the charm he valued none. This man today is living everyday of his life under the cover of fear. He has lost his face, the popularity has diminished because of various allegations levelled against him , and most importantly he has lost his self worth. He realizes the worth of what he had when he is on the verge of losing all of it.

Until people lose the freedom they possess the don't realize the worth of it. The case in point is India. The people came under the clutches of the British rule because of their naivete. they were under the impression that the British rule would change things for the better and free them of all the misery they suffered, however all of this backfired and the innocent Indian people lost even the little freedom they had.

Appreciating the things we have in today's world has become a difficult proposition, however, the important thing to note here is that things were not any different 100 years back either.We want everything big, everything that looks rosy, an optimistic view of life for sure but life is not a bed of roses. Mahatma Gandhi had once said that when you feel you feel you have nothing and find it difficult to appreciate the little things you have , then think of the poor man on the street who might not even have that.