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SAT Timed 20 Minute Practice Essay using Motivational Qoute

"Innovative: The way to predict the future is to create it." 

            "We expect to see a high of 82 degrees and a low of 75 degrees tommorrow with sunny skies." Although I have heard weathermen anounce forecasts almost every  day, more often thant not I look outside to see rain falling on a "sunny day," or clouds gathering over the sky. Predicting the weather or the rise and fall of stock shares is not easily done, however, creating art or a new product gives a person control and confidence to produce things that affect their world and make it more predictable. 

               Artists from all ages have struggled to create enduring works of art. Pablo Picasso's innovative stle and cubism ideas had a unique effect on the art movement of his day. Picasso's works are now studied in high schools and colleges across America. When Pablo Picasso first began painting as a young boy he worked painstakingly to perfect his art. Through his teens and early 20s he oftne spent most of his day working on a single piece of art. Although he was recognized as talented at a young age the future of his career was still unknown for a young Picasso. Through his dedication to his own artwork and beliefs Picasso made his future a great one. He became a well-known artist whose cubist style gained him widespread attention and kudos. He was an artist that would affect his own future and that of many young artists studying his work.

          Plastics engineers are constantly mixing and matching different dyes and materials to create more catchy and user-friendly producrs. Although they work in a field that is constantly evolving, plastics engineers are drawn forward to innovate and create to solve problems from how to make artificial hearts to what size, shape, and color a Tide soap bottle should be to increase its likilihood of selling.

               Both artists and entrepreneurs are forced to affect and create their futures. By using more innovating ideas these two groups of people predict what new styles and techniques future artists will employ and what products will be the next big sell. Confident, creative innovation is the way for these people to predict the future of their industries.