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“Men fail not because they heard the wrong voice but because they ignored the right voice—the voice of the Holy Spirit” There will never be a day in our lives that we will never hear the right voice. It can be through God’s audible voice, through the inner voice, through our conscience, through our mentors, through our parents, through someone else, through the revealed will of God—the Bible. If we are going to interview people who failed we will realize that there’s a voice/advice that they have ignored. It is not Delilah that lead Samson to failure it is Samson’s decision to ignore the advice of his parents that lead him to failure. Even Jezebel and Absalom have heard the voice of God thru His prophets yet they have chosen to ignore it…the rest is history. I can still remember all the failures, hurts, struggles and sorrows I have experienced are because I have ignored the unrecognized whisper of the Holy Spirit, inner conviction, very quick idea, many advices of my mom, etc.. trying to comprehend and be logical as possible based on my own reasons which I believe is better that what I’ve heard and chosen to ignore… I also remember before, I just love to spend time in the presence of God because I felt so much joy and satisfaction I could not explain and nothing could ever surpassed it. I grabbed every opportunity just to be with Him. Especially during revival years at COP (1995-2000) whenever there’s an altar call, I don’t care what group they are calling I just slipped into the platform just to be laid hands by pastor and enjoy “carpet time” with Him. I told God I don’t want to missed the voice of the Holy Spirit I will really follow it for I know that’s the best for me. So I kept on asking God to let me hear His voice. I am expecting that God will just whisper to my ears and reveal to me His will for my life. Give me every instruction I will ever need in life. Although I have received vision from Him of His promises for me for my future such as “He will make me the head though I don’t deserve it just by looking with my abilities, He will make me prosperous and I will have more than enough to be a channel of blessings, That all things will work good for me no matter how negative and ugly the situations seem to be, That His light will shine through me…” I know He unfolded to me the future He has for me. But I am expecting that He will just tell me everything, every detail that I need to know to experience the life that He wants me to have without knowing that He is already telling me everything that I need to know and I need to do through my mom who I always grieve by not following her advices. I did not recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit thru her so I missed all the blessings of obedience…If I just obeyed every instruction of my mom whom the Holy Spirit chosen to reveal everything I need to do…I should never gone through those experiences… The Holy Spirit whispers to our ears His plans. He urged us through the inner conviction. He guides us by giving us ideas and pictures of the futures He want us to have. He protects us through His words, revealed will—the bible. He guides and leads and gives us instructions through our mentors, our parents, those who are in the mantle of authority over us, those God sends to let us know His will. We must recognize them. The Holy Spirit will not tell us in the secret place what He can tell through the people around us. He will not bypass those who are in authority over us. He is a God of order. He will not contradict His laws.