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Things are going great for me i got a psp for christmas im with my friends and best friends i am back with the most nicest girl ever tamara and i am with my family who is getting along just fine everything is great except my grandpa is in the hospital in Cleavland and my dad is there so ya i hope all that settles down i still play DBZT3 and rock im hoping that things will always be the same as it is from now on this is the way i want it and i hope my grandpa gets better cause im praying it will i believe it but i am glad to be happy i love my mom and my dad and my best funny crazy silly mean best brother ever wes we fight sometime but we still look out for one another no matter what cause thats what brothers do i am gonna do my best to make my life complete and the best and be an adult a responsable adult and help everyone out peace. From Cody Madison Marcum (Kodak,CoCo,Turtle,Codeman,Codemyster) those are my nicknames from every friend i had and family lol so ya take care yall peace out!