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this is a little peace of my mind not that there is much in the first place but i'm 19 years old and i feel like i'm 40 sometimes its crazy i feel like life is so unfair and you know what it is you should never have to find you dad almost dead or see your mom on her death bed or watch your grandma take her last breath but i have and i'm so thankful that my mom and dad are both still here. i still have alot to learn but all the times they said one day you'll thank me for this and i said ya right well i've eat my words cause i do thank them i dont smoke or do drugs at all and i thank the things they said and them as poeple for all the life lessons i have had all ready but the really reason i'm writing this is cause i want every young person that may read this or older poeple who read this if you have any problems with your mom or dad fix them forgive them or say your sorry do something cause one day it will be to late and for every one out there who waited to long and nolonger have the chance to make things right i feel for all of you cause its a pain that will never leave you it will always be on your mind so tell next time live your life the best you can.