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Hello, My name's Samar. I'm from Libya and I live in Tripoli with my family. Tripoli is a capital city in my country. I'm 27 and I'll be celebrating my twenty-eighth after two weeks. I'm an engineer, Also I'm Studying English language at the Academy. I have a big family. I've a brother and three sisters. My brother is younger than me and he's an engineer. Also, my two little sisters are students and the last one is bigger than me and she's a dentist. Now, I'm going to describe myself. I'm very tall and slim. I've brown eyes, tanned skin. Some people say I'm stylish. I think I'm lovable, shy, helpful and hopeful, but I'm a bit positive person because I'm sometimes hesitant. I don't have much free time because I study English in the morning and I go to work in the afternoon , but I have a great time with my friends at the weekends. I've many hobbies, I like taking photos and reading poems. Also, I like to talk to people from different countries to learn about their culture. Best Regards, Samar