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Sometimes writing can be frustrating and difficult, but don't give up. Before you take a pen to paper the first thing that you have to do is remind yourself that you can achieve whatever you believe you can achieve. Believing is not simple, it takes effort and discipline and a desire to do so. The key here is to WANT it. You have to start by just writing. The polish comes later. Ideas are precious and fleeting, so put them down as they enter your mind, then go back later and organize and correct. So you think you are not good in grammar, syntax, etc.? Not a major problem. There are so many sites (like this one for example) where you have guidance to correct answers. You don't have to have all the answers in your head, just be good at finding them. Be willing to do a little web-surfing and you'll find everything you want to know. You don't have to like writing to be good at it. Practice makes you good at it. So what if you don't want to practice? Well, oftentimes we have to write, we don't always have a choice. So, when you must do it, take your time and make every effort to do it correctly. That mindset alone will make you a better writer and sometimes even a Good writer. Stop by the Depot and we'll work it out together.